Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Update - Facebook Post

Well, after extensive digging and searching, I found an email for Facebook.  I have to say they were quick to respond.  Fortunately, the individual who brought this to my attention sent me a snap shot of her group and my "MollyMoo" pattern available for free download.  Do they actually think that it will not be discovered?  It blows my mind.

It saddens me that people have no ethics or respect for other people's work.  I have said this before, I do not mind if the item is made and sold, but under no circumstances is the pattern to be sold or offered in any way, whether the pattern is free or otherwise.

Now we wait to see what Facebook does to rectify this problem.  I will update this post as soon as I get more information.

1 comment:

Sheltie Times said...

I'm glad you found a place to report. It is frustrating.