Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Projects

Well here I am, after taking a hiatus from my crafts. After my move, I was so disoriented with a lot of my things in boxes. I think I am finally coming around. So, with that said, I want to share some of my new projects. I will be posting pattern information soon. So here they are:

This is Roley Poley Easter Bunny. Bunny measures 6" tall, from base to tip of ears.

This is my Crocheted Baby Rag Doll Anne and she measures 9" tall.

My Witty Bitty Rag Doll Annie - she is a tiny one and measures 5" tall.

And my last one, my Witty Bitty Piggy Twins, each is 3-1/2" tall.

Pattern info will be coming soon!


Ghost said...

everything is so very nice as usual.

Armina said...

Thank you - I feel like I am getting back into the swing of things again.

Mallaurie S. said...

I love your Anne doll! She's so adorable!!!

Armina said...

Thank you