Friday, January 7, 2011

Zeus Update - Cont

I received an email from a reader from Italy - she was kind enough to let me share these pictures. These are pictures of her dog, Milka. I am so amazed with the resemblance to Zeus, right down to the marking on her body and head. I will let the pics speak for themselves, here they are:

Milka is about 1-1/2 years old, so looking at her I can visualize what Zeus will look like when he matures a little.

Here are a few a pics of Zeus. I can see Milka's features are a little delicate, while Zeus has a masculine appearance. But, I am so blown away with the resemblance. Thank you for allowing me to share these adorable pictures!

Zeus at 3 months.

Zeus at 6 months.

What do you think? Zeus' double is in Italy, lol.


Rosky said...

My little love <3!!!
Thank you to share her photos!

Armina said...

I would love to see their interaction with each other, but we are miles apart. Thank you for letting me share these adorable pics!

Winter said...

So cute!!! What breed did you say Zeus is?

Armina said...

He is a Chihuahua. But I found out that his mom is a Reindeer Chi and his dad a "regular" Chi. The Reindeer Chi's have longer legs. So it looks to me he took after his mom, not his dad, lol. I am still in awe over the identical resemblance of Milka and Zeus.

franca said...

ma che belli questi cagnolini,sono un'amore,
ciao dall'Italia

but how beautiful these dogs are a love,
hello from Italy