Monday, August 23, 2010

New Brush

Well, I am excited... it doesn't take much to get me excited when it comes to my crafts, lol. I went to the 99 Cent Store to get some paper goods for the house, and what do I find? A small wire brush. Now you may ask, so? What got me excited about this wire brush is.... it is small, the wire bristles were hard, and the best part, 3 brushes for 99 cents! Now, what got me excited is I want to try these brushes on my yarn brushing. I currently use a wire bristled pet brush, which works great, but it is bulky and hard to get between the eyes, or around the nose, without scratching. So that is why I am excited. I have to start a new project and see how these brushes work and let you all know. So with that said, off to my crafts!

Happy crocheting!

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