Saturday, July 24, 2010

Attack of Hollywood

It seems every time I go to my desk to work, my shadow Hollywood is right behind, fighting for space. Well I was crocheting and here he comes, magically drawn to the yarn. I could see it in his eyes... ATTACK!! And he did, lol. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

The plan - slowly wrap the yarn around my paws. Be subtle so mommy won't notice.

Ok, now I can attack. ATTACK!!!! Show that yarn who is boss!

And conquest... There, I claimed the yarn as mine.

Now I can take a nap (and claim mommy's notepad as mine, hehehe).


froggy (D'Ann Gayler) said...

I had a kitty who used to bite my yarn off. I would be crocheting along...and ick! a wet spot. No wait...It's the wet end.
She won! I put it all away.
I miss her.
Your Holywood is so beautiful.
Thanks for the great pictures.
Hugz, D'Ann

Armina said...

He does that too, chews on the yarn until it comes apart, and yes, the wet spot, ick! He is my little baby(well he isn't that little, he is a big cat,lol)- love him to death!

Winter said...

hahaha Attacking yarn is hard work... it wore him out! That's always funny to see. My cat isn't much of a yarn cat... he doesn't "help" me crochet like yours does... but he *does* appreciate yarn scraps. :P

Armina said...

Hollywood will pounce on anything that moves - he will zone in on something and focus on it till he gets it. He sometimes moves fast and sometimes his moves are slow and calculated. And 99.9% of the time, he gets what he is after, lol.

Sophia said...

That's super cute!!!! This puts a huge smile on my face every time. I miss my cats now. When I get a bigger place... I'm going to get a cat and a dog ;)

Armina said...

Animals are such wonderful companions - unconditional love.

Henna said...

Oh my that looks just like our cat!!

Armina said...

I would love to see a picture. I love Hollywood, he is such a mellow tempered cat.