Sunday, April 25, 2010

Table Cover

I finally got this table cover finished - it was easy to do, a continuous granny square with a shell border edging. I used #3 crochet cotton and a size D hook. The finished table cover measures 54-1/2" square.

I will post pattern information in a couple of days.


Wooly Annimals said...

Woow, it looks great, so beautiful. =)

Lovely greets

Armina said...

Thank you, it is an easy pattern - will post info soon.

Ghost said...

Oh such tedious work. A challenge for sure. And of course it turned out lovely.

Unknown said...

Great job, it turned out gorgeous! Is that 'simply soft' yarn? It looks fantastic for this kind of project.

Armina said...

Thank you - it is a quick project, not as tedious as it looks and very easy. I used #3 crochet cotton - I will post the pattern in a couple of days.