Monday, March 1, 2010

Im On A Roll!

I am on a roll, getting my patterns finished. I finished a few more, decided to have a tiny collection, called "Witty Bitty Baby" - And here they are:

This is Witty Bitty Baby Lion -
Lion Brand Baby
Soft and C Hook
3" Tall

Witty Bitty Baby
Elephant - Lion
Brand Baby Soft
3" Tall
C Hook

Witty Bitty Baby
Puppy - Red Heart
Designer Sport -
C Hook
3" Tall

Witty Bitty Baby Frog
Lion Brand Baby Soft
4" Tall and C Hook

I should have these patterns posted this weekend in my Etsy and Artfire store, and also Ravelry.

Happy Crocheting!


Ghost said...

They make me smile.

Armina said...

I love tiny crochet - fun to make. :-)