Friday, February 12, 2010

Getting Back In The Groove

Well, it has been a while since I posted. I am on a "crochet block" - so, I needed to direct my energy in a productive way - what better way to channel my energy? Jewelry! I made a few new pieces. This is almost as good a therapy as crocheting. At least I can wear my jewelry, lol... the Amigurumi, well, usually my daughter snatches them up. Can you tell I love pearls?

Here are some of the finished pieces:

Blister Pearl hand knotted
on silk with Freshwater

Blue Topaz Chips with
matching bracelet and
earring - with a
turquoise enhancer

This is my favorite!
Freshwater Pearl waterfall

Pastel multi-color
freshwater pearl
necklace and bracelet,
hand knotted on silk

Another Fave!
Platinum freshwater
cultured pearls, hand
knotted on silk, with
matching bracelet and


Ghost said...

I too love pearls, they are my favorite. Your jewelry is so pretty I can see why your daughter steals it.

Armina said...

I not only love pearls but love jewelry as well. Can you tell?

Tita Carré said...

Oi adorei teu blog visite o meu tb,

Unknown said...

I completely adore your jewelry, especially the platinum pearl at the bottom! Wonderful idea... I know what I'm gonna buy at Michael's tomorrow! LOL

Armina said...

Thank you - that s one of my favorites.