Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's The New Year

Happy 2010 - We are nearing the middle of January, hope everyone had a good new year. Well, here we go - projects, projects, and more projects. I have 3 WIP'S going along with some new jewelry I made. A new year treat from me to me ... :-) I knit a beautiful bronze scarf, pic coming, and these pieces match perfectly. And to make the set all that more enticing, my sister knit a pair of matching fingerless gloves (pic coming soon). Now that I have my scarf and gloves and jewelry, I need a special place to go! Here are my new jewelry pieces:

3 strand bronze crystal bracelet

Abalone Fan & Cultured Pearl Necklace

Bronze Freshwater Cultured Pearl
Necklace and Bracelet Set


Molly said...

Absolutely stunning! You do such pretty work. I am surely going to become a follower of yours. Have a great day.

Armina said...

Thank you

☆Videhexan på Virkaholic☆ said...

I'm as always impressed by what you do!
I have an award to you, you have text in English at the end....


Armina said...

Thank you so much :-)