Saturday, March 7, 2009

Amigurumi Tutorial - Thread Jointing

Thread jointing your amigurumi gives your finished toy a more flexible finished product. Thread jointing is not that difficult to do. I have had several requests on this process so I decided to post a little tutorial for this.
THREAD JOINTING (See Diagram Below)
1. Insert needle into inside of arm (“Start Here”) and run through body – bring out other end of body where second arm will be positioned.

2. Run needle inside of second arm and bring needle through body and through inside of first arm. Pull tightly. You don’t want the stitches to show on the outside of arms so when you are jointing the arms and legs, run needle through the inside.

3. Bring needle through body and run through inside of first arm – this reinforces your stitch.

4. Run needle through body and bring out inside of second arm, secure thread inside second arm – to reinforce, run thread through inside of arm a couple times and trim.

Follow same instructions for legs.

Waxed thread is available at crafts stores. If you are unable to get waxed thread, dental floss works just as well and is more readily available.

Give thread jointing a try next time you are working on your amigurumi. It isnt as difficult as it sounds.

As always, if you want the PDF on this tutorial, send me an email and I will send it to you.

Happy Crocheting!



a Knitting Junkie! said...

Thank you so much Armina! This is very helpful.
Thanks again!
a Knitting Junkie!

Armina said...

You are welcome :-)

Ghost said...

Nice technique

Armina said...

It really makes the finished doll nice, with flexible arms and legs.

Anonymous said...

I love you patterns. I was wondering if you could sen d the pdf file for thread joining. Can it be use for all types of Amigurumi patterns.

Armina said...

Send me an email and I will be more than happy to send you the pdf... :-)

ruby said...

Thank you very much please sent to me at

Thanks for your kindness,

Anonymous said...

I am always making little toys for my daughter they are 1 and 2 years old. i wanted to start thread jointing my dolls so they can have arms and legs that move instead of just sewn on ones. is it better to use yarn or dental floss? you know how children are with toys always pulling on the arms trying to get them out from the bottom on the toy box, i just wanna know what will hold up the best and not be stretched or pulled apart. thank you

Armina said...

I personally prefer dental floss or waxed thread, which is more durable.

bluejeanangel said...

Will this method also work on bigger dolls? I am trying to make a 14" doll, and I do mean "trying". mt 2nd doll ever. tyvm MJ

Armina said...

This method works on dolls / toys of all sizes. But when you do a larger doll, you may want to reinforce your stitches. Let me know how it works for you.