Monday, February 2, 2009

As Promised

I promised some new goodies, and here they are. I am trying to get some of my WIP's finished and off my "To Do" list. I will post all of them here, and come back with the pattern information.

I will start with my Blossom Doll. The one I did for a Xmas gift was done so quickly, I didnt write the pattern down, so I had to try and re-work it. Here is Blossom.
I wanted to post my FO's - will post patterns and pattern information. Now that all my WIP's are done, I can start with a clean slate again... and that's a good thing. =^.^=

Blossom Doll
13" Tall

Crocheted Pooh Bear
7" Tall

Love Bear
5" Crocheted Bear

Little Twin Star
Each is 5" tall

My Melody

Needle Felted Chihuahua
2" long & 1-1/2" tall

Needle Felted Baby Dragon
2" long and 2" tall


Elizabeth said...

I must say that I am in love with your blog... came across it when looking for some free amigurumi patterns. And that felted baby dragon is adorable! I can't wait to see more :D

Armina said...

Thank you - and more you shall have. I will be posting more patterns.... =^.^=

Anonymous said...

Hello again! :) Just wondering if you are going to post the felted dragon as a pattern to? is the felted ones crochet from the beginning? I have been searching an easy pattern on a dragon and I love your descriptions :)

Armina said...

The dragon is needle felted with wool roving, and unfortunately, I didnt use a pattern for that or write it down. All of the felted items are needle felted with wool roving.