Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tiny Unicorn

My daughter, as a child, was in love with and collected My Little Pony. She had all of them (of course I wont admit to loving them too). As she got older and her interests changed, she gave them away to a friend of mine who had a small child (which she now regrets doing, lol). So she asked me if I can make a My Little Pony look-a-like for her. I made one into a unicorn (she loves unicorns) and left one as a pony. Both are made with fingering yarn, so they are small. The larger one is about 2-1/2" and the little one is almost 2". I plan on giving them to her this weekend and surprise her... =^.^=
Pattern is available at:


ViVy said...

when pony I was fashionable already I was a little great for them, but I liked and I would have liked to have one. congratulations to your daughter to have recovered to its small pony!

Armina said...

They were too cute, I enjoyed them too as an adult. I am sure she will like these.