Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tote Bag

This pattern consists of two roomy tote bags. Only 3 main pattern pieces. A quick and easy project, useful too!

Tote Bag A is a large and roomy bag, with a double split pocket in the front with reinforced straps that run all around the bag. The straps are long and comfortable over the shoulder, do not cut or bind. The approximate dimensions for Bag A is 19-1/2" x 32".

Tote Bag B is a smaller version of Bag A. This tote has a single pocket in front with reinforced strats that run all around the bag. Very sturdy and durable bag. The straps on this tote are also very comfortable and do not cut or bind. The approximate dimensions for Bag B is 19" x 20-1/2" .

Pattern instructions will be for Tote Bag A - Cutting and sewing instructions for both bags are the same. I have included a Schematic for both bags.
2 yards of 44-45" fabric
1-1/2 yards of 60" fabric
Matching thread
Steam Iron
Sewing Machine
1. Prepare pattern pieces on hard paper, marking stitch lines, pocket and strap placement.

2. Follow same cutting and sewing instructions for both bags.

3. Tapestry or double sided quilted fabric will work.

4. Before you sew the tapestry or quilted fabric, make sure your sewing machine can handle the thickness - you will be sewing through several layers of fabric.

Tote Bag A:
1. Prepare pattern pieces.
2. Fold fabric right sides together (wrong side facing up) on cutting table.
3. Place and pin pattern on fabric.
4. Draw pattern on fabric with marker, mark pocket and strap placement.
Sewing Instructions:
1. Overlock or zigzag edges to prevent fraying.
2. Pocket - fold in edges 1/4" and steam press.

3. For main bag piece - 3" fold, steam press and stitch.

4. Straps - Cut 2 on fold. Fold straps in half lengthwise, right sides together. Stitch 1/4" along edge, leaving a 3" opening so you can turn your strap inside out.

5. Turn right side out and press. The opening will be sewn shut when attaching the straps.
6. Lay the main bag piece on table and pin straps to bag, starting at the bottom. Edge stitch straps on to bag.
7. To reinforce the straps, stitch an "X" where marked. (Fig 1)
8. Position and pin pocket to main bag piece - place over strap. Edge stitch pocket on to bag. You can leave the pocket as one large pocket or sew a seam down center to make a double pocket.

9. Finishing - Fold bag, right sides together - stitch along edge, allowing 1/2" seam.

Your tote bag is done!

Follow same cutting and sewing instructions for Tote Bag B (See Schematics below).

Tote Bag A

Tote Bag B

Schematic A

Schematic B

The directions are self explanatory if you follow the schematics I have provided. If you should have any questions, please contact me and I will be more than happy to help.

Enjoy your new Tote Bag!!

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