Sunday, February 17, 2013


I have calmed down since my last post.  I did contact that website in question (which will remain nameless for now) and they did remove the listing.  I can't blame the website, they can only take the individuals word for the item(s) in question.    I think what really upset me was not only is the pattern posted here on my blog for free, that person took it upon herself to use my photo as well.  Sigh.....   I apologize for my rant earlier, but I was a tad upset.


Iesadora said...

It is upsetting and you have every right to rant!!!!!!

Silvia said...

You had every right to be angry!! I'm happy you could worked thing out!!

I love your work!!

Take care, Silvia

Noa said...

It is very normal, don´t worry

Shell DeYoung Dunn said...

I understand completely. When I worked for a company that sold embroidery cards, I made up the little blurbs on their website describing the patterns and designer. A discount company started selling these cards online as theirs. Not only did they take the images from the web site, but they took my descriptions as well. The company was upset about their cards and I WAS UPSET that they were stealing my writing.
Now I also provide free crochet patterns online and I would be furious if someone took my pattern and then sold it.