Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Zeus Update - Cont

Zeus and Hollywood have comfortably settled in our new home, I wish I can say the same for me lol. I still have so many things in boxes, and scattered, I am still struggling to get myself settled and organized. But the good thing is I did find most of my craft supplies. Now for this thumb to heal so I can start crocheting again. Human nature is really strange, before my thumb accident, I couldnt get myself motivated to crochet, not because I didnt want to, because everything was so scattered. Now, most of my craft goodies are organized, and I have several ideas in my head, and I cant crochet! Go figure! I certainly hope 2011 will be less stressful and less chaotic. Zeus is now 6 months old. Active little puppy, but what a joy to have around. I got new pictures of his siblings. His sister is so adorable! Here is her pic.

Here she is with their mommy. Notice her eyes, one blue and one brown! How cute is that?!?

And here she is all dressed up for Christmas. Too cute for words!

I wanted to share these pics with everyone. I thought they were so cute.


☆Videhexan på Virkaholic☆ said...

ೋღ❤ღೋ ═════════╗
~ Happy New Year To You!
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Armina said...

Thank you - Happy New Year to you too!