Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Moving Right Along

I think I will have my New Year "Revolution" (I call it a Revolution only because I rarely keep them) will be.... DON'T LET YOUR PROJECTS SIT!! Not promising, but will make every effort to start a project and get it finished before I start another. I say this as I stare at my "To Do Basket".

Well, I did get a few finished, and here they are:

Tiny Bunny(s) with Tiny
Basket and Easter Egg
Crocheted with Lion Brand
Baby Soft and C Hook

Monty & Matty The Monkey
Crocheted with Caron Simply
Soft and E Hook

Roberta The Rabbit
Crocheted with Lion Brand
Pound of Love and E Hook

I should have the patterns for these in my Etsy and Artfire store (and Ravelry, of course!) by this weekend.

I had several people email me about the Chinese Zodiac Babies - that will be available this weekend as well.

Happy Crocheting!


Ghost said...

Cant wait to see the babies but what you have shown is just as cute as ever. I love what you do but most of them when I do Amigurumi, it come out as a disaster.

Pixi said...

So cute!! Cutie Pai!!!

Armina said...

Thank you

Armina said...

When doing Amigurumi, key is to crochet tight and not over stuff. That way your stuffing wont show through your stitches.

throw said...

Unbelievable animals crocheted for the children and even decoration of a children s room I would say this utter craftsmanship.

Armina said...

Thank you