Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Additions

I have been really busy the last few weeks - finishing my WIP's and taking care of some family issues. Here are some of my new completed projects - The patterns for these items are available at:



This is Charlie and Camille
They measure approx
7" tall and 6" long.
Charlie is crocheted with
Red Heart Soft and Camille
is crocheted with Bernat Satin.

This is Babette The Poodle -
She measures approx
12" tall and 11 Long.
She is crocheted with Bernat
Soft Boucle.

This Is Bebe The Baby Poodle-
She measures approx 8-1/2" tall
and 6" long. She is crocheted with
Lion Brand Cupcake yarn.


Zack said...

Ohhhh c'est magnifique, j'adore !!!

Femke said...

so adorable! I ran across this page searching for a Winnie the Pooh pattern (which I did not use because my customer wanted one taller. I do appreciate that you put the measurements on the page! It saved me a lot of time!) I came back later to look at your other dolls, and they're adorable! I just wanted to drop by and tell you. I decided to make my own pooh bear pattern, though! Sometime late tonight or early tomorrow morning (I have to probably pull an all-nighter to finish a commision I got, which included the bear) I'll have pics up and perhaps the pattern itself: kawaiipatterns.wordpress.com
take a look!