Monday, November 17, 2008

WIP - Hexagon Blanket

Well, here I am, over extending myself again. 3 WIP's, not good, lol. I dont like to start something and then start something again before finishing it. But I saw this and thought it would be a beautiful blanket. So I started one (yes for my daughter, lol). Although it called for worsted weight, I am using a sport weight yarn, Red Heart Designer Sport, color Brick, which is crocheting just beautifully. I got the pattern from a fellow Ravelry crocheter, and you can find the pattern here:

It is super easy, works up fast. Her pattern is for a baby blanket - I decided to make mine a little larger, sized more for an adult. So, as I was crocheting, I changed the pattern just a tad. Of course I will post my finished project when I am done. I also started one for me, in Lion Brand Homespun, which is coming out great also. I am hoping to get this done by Xmas for her, I am sure I will.

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