Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baby Poodle

I had this little doggie on the backburner for quite a while, meaning I bought the yarn and intended on making this, but just never got around to it. I am happy to say I finally finished her today. Yay!!! I wanted to try the Lion Brand Cupcake yarn - it looks all curly, and I thought it would give a "curly" look after it was crocheted, like a real Poodle's coat. But it didnt give the effect I really wanted. In fact it doesnt have a curly look after it was crocheted. Bernat Soft Boucle has a wonderful finish after it is crocheted, but that yarn is too bulky, and I wanted a smaller dog. Anyway, I have to look for a smaller or lighter boucle type yarn so I can try the Baby Poodle again. She came out cute - she measures 6" long and 6" tall.

Pattern is available at:

Baby Poodle Side View


ViVy said...

some wools have small balls that can make the effect of the hair of puddle. anyway, is very pretty. I like his little tongue!

Armina said...

Thank you Vivy - I will look around to see what other type of yarn I can come up with for a smaller dog.